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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Echo & the Bunnymen, in 1987, were Ian McCulloch (vocals, guitars), Pete de Freitas (drums), Les Pattinson (bass), and Will Sergeant (guitars). Posted by Hello Echo was actually the name of the drum machine they used to employ in their early gigs.

The Bunnymen are still currently active, but their history has its share of transformations, the following of which are the major ones.

In 1988, Ian McCulloch quit the band and went solo, releasing the well-acclaimed debut Candleland in the following year. The remaining Bunnymen soldiered on, recruiting Noel Burke to replace McCulloch, and released the album Reverberation.

In 1992, McCulloch and Sergeant reunited and then recruited two new members to form a new band, Electrafixion, eventually releasing the album Burned in 1995.

In 1997, the two Bunnymen decided to revert to their original group, thus rebirthing Echo & the Bunnymen. Since the return, the band has released three albums: Evergreen (1997), What Are You Going to Do with Your Life? (1999), and Flowers (2001).

My Recommended Essentials
Echo & the Bunnymen:
from Crocodiles, 1980:
---"Do It Clean"
from Heaven Up Here, 1981:
---"A Promise"
from Porcupine, 1983:
---"The Cutter"
---"The Back Of Love"
from Ocean Rain, 1984:
---"The Killing Moon"
---"Seven Seas"
from Echo & the Bunnymen, 1987:
---"The Game"
---"Over You"
---"Bedbugs and Ballyhoo"
---"Lips like Sugar"
from Reverberation, 1990:
---"Gone, Gone, Gone"
from Evergreen, 1997:
---"Don't Let It Get You Down"
---"I Want to Be There (When You Come)"
---"Nothing Lasts Forever"
from What Are You Going to Do with Your Life?, 1999:
---"What Are You Going to Do with Your Life?"
---"Get in the Car"
---"Baby Rain"
from Flowers, 2001:
---"Make Me Shine"

Ian McCulloch:
from Candleland, 1989:
---"Proud to Fall"
---"The Flickering Wall"
from Mysterio, 1990:
---"Magical World"
---"Heaven's Gate"

from Burned, 1995:
---"Who's Been Sleeping in My Head?"

England United (featuring Ian McCulloch, Simon Fowler of Ocean Colour Scene, Tommy Scott of Space, and Spice Girls):
Official 1998 World Cup Song for England:
---"(How Does It Feel to Be) On Top of the World"

Ocean Colour Scene:
from Moseley Shoals, 1996:
---"The Riverboat Song"
from Spiders, 1996:
---"Female of the Species"
---"Me and You vs. the World"

Spice Girls:
from Spice, 1996:
---"2 Become 1"
from Spiceworld, 1997:
---"Viva Forever"


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