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Saturday, April 09, 2005


General Tarfful and a Wookiee Warrior Posted by Hello

April 8, Friday

The house phone was malfunctioning, the battery wouldn't recharge. As a result, we couldn't make phone calls, or even receive a call without having the connection cut after only several seconds.

Fortunately, cousin Mike finally decided to buy a new phone set; after all, the malfunctioning one had served them long enough. So, yesterday, after dinner, Marivic asked everyone to get ready; we were going to Future Shop (a store that sells a variety of electronics, computers, music, software, and appliances).

Mike finally bought a new phone set. Great! I could now use my reserved phone cards to call Mom, my sisters, and Charlotte.

Beside Future Shop is Toys 'R Us, so we proceeded to the toy haven afterwards. I was as excited as my nieces Amber and Julie because, I remembered, new Star Wars toys have been released last week, in time for the forthshowing Revenge of the Sith in May. Child-hearted and wide-eyed, I marveled at the new Star Wars action figures. I was unable to scratch away the itch to buy a figure or two so I got myself a General Tarfful and a Wookiee Warrior.

I was like a child who couldn't suppress his smile while inspecting the new toys he bought, from the van until he got back to the house.


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