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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Chef aLf

Oh, my, I've been squeezing my brain to drain all my creative juices, as if it's the last slice of lemon in the fridge, considering the fact that stores here are miles away from the house. And really drained I am.

Oh well, I give up. At least, I was able to suck my literary fruits to the pulp. Say goodbye to my literary pen, my friends. But worry not, this will be only for a while.

For the meantime, I'd be switching to "journal" mode. This is the real purpose of blogging, anyway—to document one's everyday activities.

Okay, here I am, giving in to the real essence of blogging...

Here is a recent achievement.

April 7, Thursday
I cooked apritadang baboy for dinner—my first time to cook such viand with confidence.

pork (cubed)
tomato sauce
red bell pepper
green bell pepper
bay leaves
garlic and onions (minced)
lemon peppercorns
soy sauce
fish sauce
cooking oil

1. I marinated the cubed meat in soy sauce with bay leaves.
2. I sautéed the minced garlic and onion. I added the marinated meat into the pan. As the meat became slightly brown, I added the sliced carrots, the red and green bell peppers, and the tomato sauce.
3. I added fish sauce and lemon pepper to taste.
4. I let the mixture boil for several minutes until the meat was tender.

There! We had apritadang baboy for dinner.

No one complained after eating the viand I cooked. So I suppose that meant, my cooking was good. Ha-ha-ha!

Mmm...I've been thinking...what would sound better? Writer eLf, Nurse aLfie, or Chef aLf. Hmm.

Anyway, I still have about a year to wrestle before my career decision becomes final and virtually irreversible.


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