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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Her Name Is Haunting Me...Lovingly

Seldom do I watch movies or even films on DVDs here where I am. I'd rather spend time surfing the Internet for useful information, listening to New Wave music, reading a book, or writing stories or poetry. However, the following lovely and haunting coincidences concerning the name of my Belovèd I find worthy of blogging.

Three of the movies that I happened to watch the previous months had all become memorable mainly because my Belovèd's name is part of each of them, as if reminding me how she fondly thinks of me and how I always yearn for her.

In Lost in Translation (2003), Bill Murray's costar Scarlett Johannson plays the character named Charlotte.

In National Treasure (2004), one of the clues the protagonist Benjamin Franklin (Nicolas Cage) is looking for turns out to be the shipwreck of an ancient vessel named Charlotte.

In Elf (2003), the name of the attractive reporter (Claire Lautier) in the scene at Central Park in New York, United States, is Charlotte.

Some more films with my Lady's name in them!

In Le Divorce (2003), starring Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts, one of the characters is named Charlotte de Persand (Nathalie Richard).

In The Princess Diaries (2001), Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews, the name of the queen's executive assistance (Kathleen Marshall) is Charlotte.


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