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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Familiar Sound with a New Shape

(On the New Band of One of Strawberry Switchblade's former Vocalists)
by aLfie vera mella

The Shapists is a contemporary New Wave / Indie Pop band led by the former vocalist Jill Bryson of the classic Scottish New Wave band Strawberry Switchblade.

The Shapists is slated to released its debut album before the year ends. And with the sound of this single off it, their music is certainly rooted in the Classical New Wave / New Romantic style of Bryson's former band.

"In My Head" is gorgeous. I like the instrumentation, the subtle '60s sunny pop-inspired intro and the slow buildup. But what I liked best is the call-and-response horn instrumentation in the coda (last part). Classical New Wave once again! Strawberry Switchblade's music is always lush with Classical-inspired instrumentation. "Since Yesterday" used Sibelius's "Symphony no. 5" as a backdrop to the song's intro.

Strawberry Switchblade was a Scottish New Wave band formed in 1981 by Rose McDowall and Jill Bryson, peaked in mid-'80s, and disbanded in 1986, releasing only one studio album (1985's self-titled). My three recommended songs that best defines the Romantic Pop / Classical New Wave style of the band are "Let Her Go," "Since Yesterday," and Who Knows What Love Is?"

In the Philippines, the music of Strawberry Switchblade has remained a constant on the playlist and collection of New Wave music enthusiasts and a few radio stations that feature New Wave music on certain time slots.

"Let Her Go"

"Since Yesterday"

"Who Knows What Love Is?"

The opening background of the song "Since Yesterday" was based on a portion of the finale of Sibelius's Symphony no. 5. (Check out 1:25.)

Come Christmastime--the projected release date of the d├ębut album of Byron's new band, The Shapists--add the album on your list of must-buy records.


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