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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Are You One-Track Minded?

Many people could both express concern and even give good suggestions and commentaries about serious world issues like the current Syria situation or the Philippine pork barrel problem and at the same time enjoy a bit of entertainment features like the Miley Cyrus performance on MTV VMA 2013.

I think only people who are one-track minded couldn't handle both. I mean, I've been reading comments like "there are far more serious world issues like what is currently happening in Syria, and all Miley Cyrus could do is this" [pertaining to her performance at Music Television Video Music Awards 2013]. Well, a well-rounded person does not need to focus his attention on serious world issues all the time; there are other less serious and trivial stuff to enjoy and spend time on once in a while. Besides, celebrities and artists are out there primarily as entertainers and purveyors of performance art or music and not as role models. Parents should be the ones teaching and explaining to their children the ability to separate different issues and that they may appreciate artists' performance or music without the need to copy what they do or imitate their personal lifestyles.

To me, the Cyrus performance is just another form of entertainment. Nothing really wrong and serious about it, as far as I'm concerned. If you don't like her, then don't watch her shows or listen to her music (out of curiosity, you still can, anyway--that's your choice); but you really could not ask other people not to appreciate her shows and her music if those people like the kind of Pop Miley Cyrus perform and make.

This is an issue of freedom of expression.


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