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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Music Genres Die, Really?

(On the Simple Continuity of Music Genres)
by aLfie vera mella

I'm in the mood for Metal and Progressive Rock ballads today. Metal and Progressive Rock are the other genres of Rock that I really love.

Many music journalists and fans claim that Pop Metal music died as early as the mid-'90s.


Let me correct them: Many enthusiasts of the genre especially those who used to rave about it back during its commercial peak in the late 1980s through the early 1990s are the ones who actually turned their backs on the artists, bands, and music that they once loved the moment commercial media have shifted their spotlight to other genres.

Not me. I am among those who pursued listening and digging into the history, continuity, and evolution of Progressive Rock and Metal. To this day, Metal and Progressive Rock remain regular parts of my musical diet.

How many so-called Bon Jovi fans have stopped listening to this U.S. Pop Metal band after the 1992 album, 'Keep the Faith'? I'm sure they don't even know that Bon Jovi's last album to date (The Circle) was released only three years ago.

For sure, those who say they love Rush have not even tried to listen to all 19 albums of this Canadian Progressive Rock band, failing to update themselves about the fact that the 19th album, Clockwork Angels, has just been released three months ago.

In the Internet age, all one needs is the initiative and passion for music and all other things she loves...the rest is just a Google and Wikipedia away...with a little patience, of course.

Last night, I watched the 2001 film Rock Star for the nth time. I particularly love the scene in which the main character, Chris Cole (Mark Wahlberg), was recording the vocal part for a new song his band was working on.

That song was "We All Die Young" by Steelheart, from this U.S. Pop Metal band's third album, Wait (1996).


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