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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Otherwise Uninteresting Day

Today is Tuesday, my second dayoff for the week. Older kids are at school, Inna is at work, Evawwen's already up and playing with his toys, and I'm the cook, cleaner, and babysitter of Evawwen.

The day is a bit gloomy because of the gray skies, but the autumn wind is less chilly.

I put the following playlist on my media player to liven up the day. And since I'm in the mood for Progressive Rock, I chose albums of the following bands:

Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Gentle Giant

At his age of only about two, Evawwen could already watch this video in its entirety without losing attention. This is my number-one favorite Progressive Rock song, "On Reflection" by Gentle Giant

Suddenly, someone was knocking on the door. Two Filipino couples with leaflets of obviously religious nature smile at me and said, "Hi, is Inna there?"

I said she was at work.

"Oh, you're aLfie, right? We read your articles in the newspaper."

"Really? Thank you."

"By the way, have you heard of Jehovah's Witness?"

[Started to feel uncomfortable] "Oh, yeah, I know that religious group."

The lady opening up the leaflet and reading from it, "I have a question for you: What do you think about the impending end of the world?"

[Oops, wrong person to ask.]

To cut the lengthening conversation, especially that I was yet to feed Evawwen his breakfast and it was my time to relax and do some chores, I straightforwardly said, "Ahm, sorry, I'm an atheist."

The guy said, "Oh, that's okay; you can still read this leaflet and you might change your mind."

"Oh, thanks for this," I said. "Bye, I'll just let Inna know that you came by."

Many years ago, I find it difficult openly to let people know that I am an atheist, but since a few recent years, I realize that it feels more relaxing and delightful to be able to express naturally and let people know what and who I really am.

I could imagine how homosexual people feel after they have decided finally to come out in the open. It must be a big relief. But of course, the challenge to defend yourself from judgmental people remains forever.


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