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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Here where I am, typical male street scavengers usually look like this guy—bearded, well-clad, large-framed, and carry a grocery pushcart where they put the bottles, cans, and other stuff they collect in the streets or from trash bins. Posted by Hello

I was walking along Granville Street when this person, named Billy (well, according to him), approached me in a friendly manner, asking for some coins. My automatic reaction was to say, "Sorry, I've no coins." But, after a while, I decided to approach the pushcart guy. "Here's a quarter," I said.

"Thank you very much," he uttered lively, with a nod and a smile.

I didn't waste the chance. "May I take a picture of you?" I said.

"Sure, no problem," he said, and then he posed with seeming pride.

I thanked him afterwards and then asked, "May I know your name?"

"Billy. Just call me Billy." And he went on asking spare change from the other passersby.


  • At Friday, May 06, 2005 1:31:00 AM, Anonymous bong said…

    just heard from some conspiracy theory geeks... yang bum na yan..
    si Jerry Garcia yan ng Grateful Dead..!! di naman daw talagang namatay yan... he was an ex-operative na naging heavily dependent sa droga...


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