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ideas of an eLven being in Canada

Monday, May 23, 2005

After having a haircut and buying, at Real Canadian Superstore, snacks for the next day's three-hour flight to Manitoba, I decided to call my longtime friend Bheck (Ma. Victoria Bonifacio-Romero), who lives near Metrotown Centre and who had been inviting me to pay her a visit in case I got to go out. Fortunately she was home. She met me at Metrotown and, after buying food, we proceeded to their house. We had sushi and pizza for dinner. Her husband, Gel, and their children were very hospitable. How therapeutic it was—being with a truly good friend. Posted by Hello

Before I finally left, Bheck surprised me by gifting me with two precious things which I really needed but couldn't yet buy: a cellphone and a watch! Around 9:30 p.m., I decided to go. Gel dropped me off at a SkyTrain station.

While seated inside the SkyTrain, I couldn't contain my smile and joy.

I alighted at King George Station and rode a taxi back to the house.


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