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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

With My Uncle Jun

Photo taken on Saturday, March 5, 2005, at Best Western King George Inn, in Surrey, British Columbia—where my visiting relatives from Winnipeg, Manitoba (another Canadian province), and from California, USA, stayed Posted by Hello

This is my Tito Jun, now 68 years old. As always, he expressed his appreciation for the articles that I've been sharing. I also showed him our picture together taken in Davao, Philippines, about 30 years ago.

Tito Jun had just undergone a heart bypass surgery last December, 2004, because of atherosclerosis. Everyone in the family was really surprised to hear about it primarily because Tito Jun never had any vices (drinking nor smoking) even when he was young. According to the doctors, Tito Jun said, the heart disease that afflicted him was chiefly caused by his diet, overconsumption of bad cholesterol; the reason he is now very careful with the food he is eating. Fortunately, Tito Jun seems to be recuperating very well.


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