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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Snow Biking: A Dream Adventure

A picture scanned from the front page of the January 13–20, 2005, issue of the newspaper Georgia Straight Posted by Hello

We were at Central City Mall in Surrey when the front-page article of The Georgia Straight caught my fancy. Since the newspaper was free, I got a copy. The article, written by Jack Christie, "Snow Bikes the Latest Toy on Local Slopes," was indeed captivating. Here is an excerpt.

"As a sign that creative minds never sleep—particularly here on the West Coast, where there seems to be a constant parade of innovative methods of enjoying the outdoors—get set to snow bike, the latest way to play in the white world. The good news is that this sport is as easy on the knees as it is on the rider's central nervous system. Just sit back and enjoy the trip.

"If you can ride a bike on pavement, you can ride one on snow. It may feel odd at first, but it's easy on the muscles and knees."

Last year, I got to experience snowboarding, which was really fun and exciting. And then, upon reading the article about the latest trend here—snow biking—I felt that my snowboarding experience would surely pale in comparison with this new trend. Unfortunately, having such an adventure is very costly. So, I guess I'll just include snow biking on my list of future adventures, which I wish to realize someday, when I finally have my dream job and my own life back.


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