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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Welcome to Selkirk Park on Victoria Day

By the bank of the Red River, a famous fishing area in Selkirk, Manitoba Posted by Hello

May 23, 2005
My first Monday in Manitoba was a blast. It was Victoria Day, a Canadian holiday celebrated in honor of Queen (Alexandrina) Victoria (1819–1901) , the British Queen whose reign was marked by a great expansion of the British Empire.

My relatives here usually go out during weekends and holidays, as a restful diversion after a hard week's work. They get together with friends usually at parks or other recreational areas.

For the holiday we went to Selkirk Park, located near the Red River, a famous fishing area in Selkirk—a city about one-hour-drive away from Manitoba's capital, Winnipeg.

Many people automatically think of Winnipeg when Manitoba is mentioned, obviously because Winnipeg is the province's capital as well as its largest city; just like many people are more familiar with the city of Vancouver than British Columbia, the province nestling it.

Grandfather was ecstatic during the trip. He kept on recounting the days when they would go fishing in the area. Fishing was among his favorite recreational activities, even during his younger days in the Philippines.

At Selkirk Park, we had lunch, strolled around, and took pictures; but the best of all was the joy and comfort in being with people who were there to relax and have fun.


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