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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Tita Mely's Second Child, My Cousin Heinjie and His Wife

Photo taken in October 2003, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: Tita Mely's second child—my cousin Heinjie—and his wife, Myra. The couple lives in the Canadian province of Manitoba. Posted by Hello

Since 1975, when Tita Mely and her family immigrated to Manitoba, Canada, I got to see again my cousin Heinjie only twice: in 1987, when he and his brother Mike, along with Grandfather and Grandmother and Tito Gerry, visited the Philippines; and in 2003, when Grandfather and I spent a two-week vacation in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Nonetheless, I never regretted my decision to delay for three months my departure simply because those remaining days of mine in the Philippines gave me the chance to spend much quality time at home with my family, without the affecting and exhausting unnecessary pressures at work. Although, ergophiliac as I was, I resigned from my job five days before my departure, and I was working diligently at the office until my last day.


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